How to save money on pet care with the Biscuit app

1st Mar 2024
3 min read
Biscuit Pet Care

If you're a dog owner, you know the cost of pet care can mount up. From food and treats, to toys and accessories, to grooming and vet visits, the pennies can add up quickly. But it’s not all bad news, as you can save money on pet care by simply walking your dog with the Biscuit app. 
#How to earn Biscuits with the Biscuit app? 
The Biscuit app rewards you and your dog for walking together. Every time you walk your dog with the Biscuit app, you earn Biscuits, which you can exchange for real rewards. The more you walk, the more Biscuits you earn. You can also earn extra Biscuits by completing weekly goals and regular pet wellbeing badges. 

#How to earn extra Biscuits with the Biscuit app? 

Some of the Biscuit Badges can be completed once a year such as the Vaccinations Badge and the Insurance Badge, and others are available to complete at regular intervals when it’s best for your dog, such as the Flea and Worm Treatment Badge and the Weight Tracker Badge. 

You can also earn extra Biscuits with our Refer a Friend programme, simply send the link to your dog owning friends so they can enjoy the benefits with their dogs too! Once each new user walks their dog, you’ll both be rewarded with an extra 50 Biscuits each and you can earn up to 250 extra Biscuits by doing this. 
# How to exchange your Biscuits for shopping vouchers? 
Being rewarded is a great motivation to help you keep up those dog walks, especially in our great British weather. Visit the Rewards Store in the Biscuit app to exchange the Biscuits you've collected for shopping vouchers for a huge variety of brands.

Use your vouchers online or in-person and save money with fantastic offers on pet care products and services, such as: 

Food and treats

You can get vouchers for high-quality dog food and treats from brands like, Omni, Pure Pet Food, Paleo Ridge and Caboodle. 

Supplements and pet care supplies

Get great offers from Joii, Itch, Pawable and Yumove to keep you dog up to date and feeling good.

Toys and accessories

You can get vouchers for great dog accessories from BullyBillows , Canicross and Proviz, as well as vouchers for supermarkets and Amazon to buy your dog all the toys they could possibly dream of. 


Make the most of the fabulous offers for BarketPlace online training, Tailster including free credit, as well as dog friendly holidays from Pets Pyjamas and pet portraits from Purr & Mutt. 

Health and insurance

if you’re an Animal Friends Insurance policy holder, make sure your policy is linked so you can enjoy exclusive vouchers and prices in the Rewards Store and use the Joii televet services for free. 

# How else can you spend your Biscuits, to give back? 
You can also use the Biscuits you’ve collected to donate to charity and help protect the environment. From cleaning plastic out of the ocean, offsetting carbon emissions, planting trees, protecting wildlife and sea habitats and restoring coral reefs, to saving sea turtle hatchlings. Simply visit the 'Protect the Environment' category in the Biscuit Rewards store.

# What are you waiting for? 
The Biscuit app is the ultimate dog walking app that helps you save money on pet care and contributes to the cost of living, for something you’re doing every day anyway. Don’t miss out on all of your Biscuit earning opportunities. 

  • Walk your dog 7 days a week and record your walks on the Biscuit app 
  • Hit your daily walk time goals 
  • Complete your weekly goal of at least 3 daily goal hitting walks for a bonus 
  • Complete all of your dog’s Badges in the app 
  • Refer your dog owning friends  

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