Get rewarded

for taking care of your dog

We’re a free-to-use pet rewards app that treats you for walking and taking care of your dog.

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How does it work?

It's quick and easy to earn Biscuits just for taking care of your dog

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Walk your dog and complete badges

Complete your dog’s personalised wellbeing tasks in the app.

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Earn Biscuits

Earn Biscuits (points!) for completing your dog's wellbeing tasks.

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Spend your Biscuits

Exchange your Biscuits for shopping vouchers to spend with your favourite brands.


Turn your Biscuits into Rewards

When you've saved up enough Biscuits, you can exchange them for shopping vouchers, which can be spent at some of the nation's favourite high street shops. We have something for everyone, from nutritious dog food and toys to takeaways and grocery shopping. Take your pick.

Our team is constantly looking to give you the best rewards, so keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be adding new retail partners each month.

Spend your Biscuits with your favourite brands

Once you've saved up enough Biscuits, you can exchange them for vouchers, which can be spent on your furry friend or yourself!

Join thousands of other dog owners earning rewards every day!

Here are three reasons why you should get the app:

We set personalised daily and weekly activity goals so you can be confident your dog is getting enough exercise.​
You can keep track of your dog's wellbeing through the app's dashboard.​
By turning your Biscuits into shopping vouchers, we're helping to make pet care more affordable.​

We're on a journey to create a world where pet health and happiness comes first.

We understand that owning a pet can be a huge responsibility and knowing what is best for your four-legged friend isn't always easy.

That’s why we’ve created Biscuit. An app-based pet rewards programme that makes your pet’s wellbeing a priority and rewards you for improving your pet’s health and quality of life.

Download the app now to start earning Biscuits!
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